Silver Alley Bowling

Its not how you bowl, its how you roll. Experience the fun for the first time in India, and challenge your friends at the Brunswick silver bowling lanes.

Selfie Museum

For the adventurer and selfie lover in you. Be a part of something classy, something trendy, something cool and something exciting. Capture crazy moments at our all new and exclusive Selfie Museum!

Fun ka Boss

IONA the Ultimate Entertainment Destination has just got better with its Brand Ambassador, Chris Gayle. Tune in to different levels of activities and fun. A perfect destination for all the fun with family and friends


So you play good cricket and have been looking to get the real ground experience of your favorite sport? Bring in your bunch of friends, and show off your best shots on field. The right destination to play a good game of cricket.


Get an Exclusive experience of International football. Choosing a football goal and sticking to it changes everything. Play football like you never have…The right place to sport your budding Cristiano Ronaldo.

Virtual Reality

An Oculus based single seat virtual reality ride from Spain which will take you on a 360 degree spin. Let’s just turn your world around – this moment.

Sonic Sports Basketball

A game that will improve your concentration and basketball skills. Be surprised by the basket suddenly changing its strategy as you start scoring better. Its a matter of focus, speed and power!

9D Motion Pictures

Fasten your seat belts for the all new thrill experience. See, feel, hear, smell and move with the groove of the 9 Dimensional experience. Immerse yourselves in the zenith of simulated reality and explore the wonders, you never have!

Speed of Light

Speed of Light is the right game to test how fast your reflexes are. Immerse in energizing music and zone in the fast-paced atmosphere. Follow the lights and press it, to score points. The faster you move, the more you win.

Kids Packman

Be it Pac-man Smash or Monster Drop, these games develop great motor skills and quick thinking, qualities that are invaluable to your child. So pool in all your enthusiasm with their high energy levels, at the Kids Zone at IONA.

Some of our games:

  • Despicable Me (Minions)
  • I-Cube
  • Plants v/s Zombies
  • Ticket Monster
  • Monster Drop
  • Fruit FX-2 (Ninja)
  • Pirates Hook
  • Pac-man Smash

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